Myspace Blogposts Part Six

I am about to delete my myspace account, but I figured I would share with you some of blog posts I wrote on there.  Do not judge me.

Problem of Immortality

One of the hardest things about being immortal:  the constant planning.  You always have to be on your toes, especially nowadays.  Scientists would love to get ahold of an individual like me and figure out why I cannot die.

I create fake identities all over the world, in case I am discovered, I can just disappear for a few years.  If that fails, I have built an underground tomb which I can seal myself in with a timed lock for one hundred years.

That idea came to me from back in the 1500s.  A village discovered that I could not die and instead of doing the normal thing, like burn me as a witch (which takes forever to heal from), they instead bricked me inside an old tomb.  I was trapped in there for like ninety years.  Luckily some grave robbers happened to come by and well let me say they got quite the surprise.  The only negative to that situation was that my mental state was somewhat deteriorated, and I spent the next few years wondering around Europe.

Anyways, I hope this helps any of you.  If not, you are probably not immortal.  This definitely does not apply to vampires, you may not age, but you can most certainly be killed.  Plus, you cannot enjoy the sunlight, which life is not worth living without seeing a great sunrise every once in awhile.  Remember vampires, leave me alone, and I will not go back to my early 18th century ways of being a renowned vampire hunter…