Myspace Blogposts Part Three

I am about to delete my myspace account, but I figured I would share with you some of blog posts I wrote on there.  Do not judge me.

x-men 3

okay, so i know that everyone i know went out and saw the movie x3.   i’m not going to talk about the movie. as i’ve said, i want to talk about comic books. but, it’s obvious that no one is reading this, so i’ll just post something about x-men.
if you are one of the people out there who loves the x-men movies, but doesn’t read comics, then i have the book for you. ULTIMATE X-MEN. here is the deal with anything you see from marvel with ultimate in front of it. basically a few years ago they realized that young people, and people who were not comic fans were not reading their staple books.  so they released the ultimate line. in the ultimate books, the characters are stripped back to their roots. for examples, in ult. x-men the characters are young, it’s the core team, with a few added twists. it’s not a retelling of the stories, it’s more of what would a modern day story look like with those characters. hard to understand? let me elaborate:
in the first trade paperback, we find a young xavier assembling a team that is going to thwart Magneto, who has a terrorist group. he believes that homo superior will overtake homo sapien sapien, but Xavier believes that both species can live together (integration).  we find the characters young again, we see cyclops as a team leader (star quarterback type character) who is still nervous about asking jean grey out.  we meet wolverine, who the US government created to be the perfect assassin, employed by magneto, who wants him to kill xavier. but wolverine realizes that xaviers ideals are worth fighting for. we get to see character growth.  the stories are great, but you don’t have to know who everyone is, because they are all new basically. it’s not like if you pick up Uncanny X-men 47X and they say “oh well character Z did this three years ago”, which if you are new to comics, you wouldn’t know. with the ultimate world you get to experience these characters victories and defeats in a modern setting without the super long backstories.
i would sit here and tell you about great stories in this book, but i don’t want to. i want you to either go buy the trade paperbacks, or ask me to borrow the first one. trust me, you’ll like it (oh and by the way, movie studios like using things from the ultimate universe, look at spider-man…)…..i have no problem with people reading my books, but if you do, i want you to go buy your own, maybe not what i’m reading, but at least something that i can borrow. basically don’t be a mooch. if you want to get into comics, then i can help you, but i won’t be your freepass because these great writers and artists are not like musicians and actors, they need people to buy the books or they do not get paid….