Fantasy Baseball Week Two

How does the person who owns Troy Tulowitzki (the new God of Baseball) lose 8-4?  Honestly, if you told me that Drew Stubbs would hit .360 with 2 HR/2 SB this week, and my newest pickup, Alex Gordon would hit .455 (I think about half a week), I would say that them, along with God, would lead me to a victory.  Well I would be dead wrong.  Imler beat me.

Adam Dunn and Angel Sanchez hit under .100, Markakis and Stanton hit under .200, that did not help.  Hell, if you told me that I would rack up 74 Ks and yet only two wins, I would have said you were crazy.  This is one of the things I love about baseball.  I destroy in HRs/RBIs/Saves/Ks, yet could not win any of the rate stats.  Imler got a stolen base from Aubrey Huff, he had seven last year.  If he does not get that, we tie that category.  If Martin Prado does not steal a base (he stole five last year), I win that category.  What the hell?

Anyways, this puts me in second place behind James (hmm, the guy that I said had the best team based on my odd projections…)

On a side note, in the other league with Ryan and Offord, I went from 9th place to 2nd place because of my team’s weekend play.  I realize this kind of early season turn-around can happen, but I figured my team would stop slumping together and eventually move up slowly.  Instead they decided to just destroy the ball that weekend.  I had pretty much the worst hitting team going into Friday.  These are the hitting stats for Friday-Sunday:  28 Runs, 12 HRs, 29 RBIs, 6 SBs, .315 AVG.  My average prior to the weekend was somewhere around .230.  That brought my team average up to .249 (still not great, but no longer the worst).