8 thoughts on “GOTW and a Poll!

  1. jason (1)…If you look closely, Lindsey is wearing plastic wrap over her boobs and vagina in order to preserve the integrity of the clothes…

    jason (2)…I still cannot decide if I want to go with a one piece or two piece this year.

    people who voted other…I did not mean to make that a choice, you should vote again.

  2. I do not play MOB 2011, I live MOB 2011. I ate pasta and ordered an enemy whacked this afternoon.

    Oh wait, you meant MLB: The Show…no, I bought 2k11.

  3. And since we’re apparently now more concerned about the periphery of these pics, do you have Time Warner Cable, too? Because I have the same cable box. O. M. G.! (Is there a need for me to be a dick? No, usually not.)

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