Last Weeks Television

Now this is what I am talking about, all week long there were good shows.  Actually, if there were any more shows, my head would probably explode.


Someone tries to killed Raylan and Winona.  They are being watched by the rest of the U.S. Marshalls, but that does not stop Raylan from giving Tim the slip and doing his own investigation.  He first confronts Mags Bennett and she says it was not her (although Doyle shows up and makes some very nasty threats).  Mags says she did not have him killed because Coover was an idiot and that was her fault and she made a deal with Raylan’s Aunt Helen.

Raylan then figures out that it was Gary (Winona’s ex-husband) who hired someone to kill Raylan.  He takes Gary to see Wyn Duffy and informs him that the next time he sees Wyn he will just start shooting and call it self-defense.  He also tells Gary to leave the country, since Wyn was going to kill him after Raylan was dead.

The other side story involves Boyd asking for Arlo’s help in robbing Dickie Bennett.  Dickie recognizes Arlo and at the end of the episode pays Aunt Helen a visit.  She will not tell him where Arlo is hiding and as she goes to raise her shotgun, Dickie shoots her.  Wow, could Dickie be any more retarded?  I thought he was the brains and Coover was the muscle, but the more I see Dickie in action, the more I realize he is an idiot.

I honestly think I like this show more than It’s Always Sunny.  Both are funny, but there is a bit of intelligence behind many of the Archer jokes.  The season finale was pretty awesome.   Sterling brings home the girl who saved him in Russia, who was a spy for the KGB, Katya Kazanova.  Everyone thinks she is a double agent.  Hilarity ensues.

Barry also makes a return, after the KGB turns him into a cyborg (with a great narration of the six million dollar man…)  Barry is still pissed that Archer dropped him off a building, not once, but twice and sodomized his fiance.  As Sterling and Katya are about to get married, Barry attempts to toss Sterling off the roof, but Katya intervenes and plummets to her death along with Barry (who, because he is a cyborg, is unharmed).

I am sure next season (which we get three episodes in September to go with Always Sunny) will feature some pretty funny ramifications over her death.   Or most likely not, Sterling will just sleep with a bunch of prostitutes and make great jokes about everything.

Okay, not the greatest show out there, but it is fun.  I will say that I enjoyed the Back to the Future II reference at the end.  For those who have no clue, Sam and Dean went back to the old west to help Samuel Colt kill a Phoenix and retrieve it’s ashes (long story, do not worry about it).  They succeed, but are brought back to their time before they can grab the ashes.  At that moment there is a knock on the door and a package is brought in by a mailman, who says that he and the guys have had a bet for years as to whether or not it is real.  They dismiss him and open the box.  There are the ashes they need and a letter from Colt.  He says that he got their address from Sam’s thingamajig (his cellphone).  It was pretty amusing.

I realize that many of you do not watch this show, and that many of you who tried to watch it, felt it was way too slow.  Whatever, I like it.  Here are just a few of my thoughts:
-Do they really want us to feel bad for Sonny because he no longer has Annie?  Seriously?  I kept hoping he would get shot in the club.
-It was pretty cool of Davis to clean his apartment for Annie.  I loved that he just threw away the dishes instead of washing them.
-Janette looks pretty miserable working in NYC.  I have a feeling she is going to stand up to that chef.  Or continue going to bars looking for guys to have sex with.

-At first I thought when Terry (the cop) asked about what Sophia knew, he was referring to something between he and Toni, but then it occurred to me that Toni must have lied to her daughter about her dad’s suicide.  I can see why she is concerned about Sophia making those youtube posts and ranting just like her father.
-My favorite part of the episode had to be when Delmond is at the party in NYC and the two guys start trashing New Orleans and how his music does not sound anything like “that minstrel show.”  He tells them they have no idea what they are talking about.  His girlfriend says that she has heard him say similar things, but he says that it was not the same.  This is so true, you can trash your city or where you are from.  When an outsider starts doing it, you get defensive.
-I think that Delmond will eventually return to New Orleans and help his father out.  Maybe he will embrace his roots and become a better musician…

The Killing
Ahmed Bennett (that name is everywhere, I also live on Bennett Lane, weird) becomes a major suspect.  It turns out that he and Rosie were exchanging letters.  He claims it was an intellectual discussion.  We then learn that he met his wife while she was a student and they used to pass letters to each other.  She was out of town that night and Ahmed decided to cancel the company that was supposed to refinish the wood floor.  He said he was going to do it himself.  The police find chemicals at his place that could have been used to wipe away evidence.  Is Ahmed a serial killer?  I am guessing his chances went way up, maybe 85%.

Game of Thrones
Joffrey is such a monster.  Hell, Tyrion even says so.  He tries to get Sansa drunk, then he cuts the butcher’s boy, who is playing with Arya.  He then attacks Arya and is going to kill her, when her dire wolf attacks him.  Arya throws his sword in the river.  She runs away and when she is finally found, Joffrey has told a different story.

Sansa could easily corroborate Arya’s story, but instead she says she does not remember.  The king decides that Ned will punish his daughter and he will punish his son.  He then makes fun of his son for losing his sword to a little girl.  The Queen wants the dire wolf killed and since Arya’s has disappeared, they will kill Sansa’s.  She tells the King’s Justice to do it, but Ned says that the wolf is a Northman, and it is subject to their ways and that he will kill it.

As he goes to kill Lady, they show us Bran and you can hear the other wolves howling.  When the knife sound is heard and the wolf dies, Bran wakes up.  Very exciting.

Okay, I have a spoiler here, so if you have not read the books, stop reading right now.

As many of you know, I have a theory that Rhaegar and Lyanna (I am not the only one with that theory) are Jon Snow’s parents.  I love how during the scene where Drogo is pounding Daenarys from behind, she stares at the dragon egg and the fire surrounding it, we then focus on the flame and pan back to see Jon staring into the fire on his way to the Wall.  Hmm, could be a little hint?