Pay To Play

Yesterday on Cory Giger’s show, he discussed the recent budget cuts in schools and how some schools will have to start charging kids a fee to play sports.  From what I heard, most of the callers seemed okay with this since many of the other extra-curricular activities already have to pay money (i.e. band, chorus…).  The only fear from many people was the slippery-slope.  When does $50 turn into $100 or even more?

I was very tempted to call and give two responses, unfortunately I was driving to Johnstown and lost the program.  My first response was going to be a semi-smartass comment.  Something along the lines of:  if parents cannot afford to pay the fee, just keep the kid out of sports and let them stay at home and play video games.  Get it?  Video games are expensive.

My second comment was an actual solution to this problem.  If kids/parents are going to have trouble paying this fee, why not make the kid get a part-time job?  Work one or two days a week, even if it is only for a few hours.  I realize this does not work for younger kids, but for the ones 15 and older it certainly does.

The Place That Shall Not Be Named is always hiring.  If a kid would come in and be up front about the limited schedule and the reason for working, we would try to find a job for them.  If you go up and down the boulevard in Altoona, you will see that almost every restaurant has a sign that says NOW HIRING.  And do not give me any bullshit about not being able to work because you are too busy.  We have employees who play multiple sports or participate in band and they find the time to work one or two days a week.

Just one solution to a minor problem.  I should run for mayor.