Royal GOTW

Sorry that I am late getting this week’s GOTW up, I was up all morning watching the Royal Wedding.  Okay, that is not true whatsoever.  I worked third shift, and fell asleep when I got home.  I figure since everyone was all focused on how hot Kate Middleton looked in her dress, I would take this moment to remind you that no one gives a shit about British royalty.  Can anyone remember the last time they were relevant?  Me neither…

Now here is a hot queen:  Mary, also known as Bloody Mary.  She was great, killed a bunch of Protestants and that is pretty much good enough for me.  Not too many pictures out there of her, but I work with what I can get…

This is a costume called Bloody Mary.  I highly doubt that the Queen actually killed the Protestants herself, but hey, the chick looks pretty good.

This is Sarah Bolger portraying the sexy queen on The Tudors.  I am not sure how old she is in this picture though, she could have been 17, which means that I would be a very dirty individual for making comments.

And now, the real Queen Mary, mmmm, what a sexy woman.

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