The Killing

If you watch shows on AMC, you have definitely seen the previews for The Killing.  I watched the first three episodes (the season premiere was the first two episodes) and so far have enjoyed the show.  The basic premise is a girl is found murdered and the show is about the investigation of the killing and the effects this has on key people.  Also, the show keeps it creepy with the muted colors and eerie music.  Plus, they must have sent out a casting call that said “if people sometimes suspect you of murder or child molestation, please see the BlahBlah Casting Agency.”

I am going to introduce the characters and give you my odds of them being the killer.  I do believe that the killer has been introduced.

Sarah Linden
The lead detective who is trying to leave Seattle.  Her boss is forcing her to stay and solve the crime before she can leave.  She must have been a smoker because she chews gum like a fiend.  Also, her son is miserable about moving to Sonoma.  There is no chance of her being the killer.

Stephen Holder
Sarah’s replacement.  This is his first homicide case.  He is a former narcotics/VICE detective and is used to making drug busts.  He is completely different from Sarah.  He gets in people’s face, asks dirty questions, and generally shows little respect.    He also can be a bit creepy.  He goes to the high school and offers some young girls some weed and then asks where they could go party.  Apparently this is not actually a drug, but some kind of fake-marijuana that cops use…sounds shady to me.  At the heart of it though, he is still a cop and I give him only a very small chance.  1%.

Darren Richmond
The city councilman who is running for mayor.  The dead girl was found in one of his campaign cars.  Luckily for him, the car had been reported stolen.  His wife died at some point and that is how we see him at the start of the show, visiting her grave.  Also, he is sleeping with his adviser and there seems to be something kind of shady about the guy.  I honestly do not believe him to be a killer, but I would not rule out there being some weird serial killer deep inside of him.  5%.

Stanley Larsen
The girl’s father.  I am going to have to put him on the zero list.  He has a great alibi and his wife would probably have noticed if he left their camping trip.  He seems like a good guy, since he allows the kids to eat chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.  I am going to give him a 1% chance though because shows/movies love to go with that unexpected twist (if he were the killer, it would be really dumb.)

Jamie Dempsey
Darren’s campaign manager (who I think was wrongly framed for being the leak in the campaign).  I could see him either being a serial killer or him thinking that a murder like this would somehow help Darren’s chances.  Or maybe he is a pervert and ran into Rosie after she had just been raped and decided to have some fun with her.  10%.

Bennet Ahmed
Rosie’s teacher, who Stephen asked if he had a thing for the younger girls.  He seems to have a very creepy eye on Rosie and her friend.  My comment above about Jamie, really could apply to Bennet.  After the two deuscheboys had their way with her, she may have run out of the school crying.  Bennet saw this and probably caught up with her and tried to comfort her.  He then told her how he always thought she was beautiful and that is when things got out of control.  Main problem:  why did he end up stuffing her in the trunk of that particular car?  30%.

Rick Felder
Sarah’s fiance and probably the creepiest character on the show.  He would have absolutely no motive, but from the creepy factor alone, I have to put him at 25%.

Jack Linden
Sarah’s son.  He seems pretty pissed off about moving to Sonoma.  Maybe he killed Rosie in order to force his mom to stay in Seattle.  He may be small, but he is very strong.  Okay, that one is a stretch.  0%.

Jasper Ames and the other Kid
Jasper was Rosie’s ex-boyfriend and apparently he is very rich.  He and his friend are seen in the video raping (well it appears to be rape, maybe Rosie was down with being gangbanged) Rosie at the school.  These two are the top suspects and at the moment I have to put them at 50%.  I go this low because there are ten episodes left, unless the rest of the show is about them trying to find the evidence they need.