Wait, What?

As I sit here reading up on my normal afternoon sites (mainly stuff about fantasy baseball), I have the television on and was vaguely paying attention to some program on History International.  The show was about the Anasazi people of the southwest.  Do not fear, this is not going to turn into a historical discussion.

When they started to discuss the people leaving the Chaco Canyon (or disappearing), I naturally assumed that History Channel would make this into some alien astronaut debate or something similar.  Instead they had actual historians and archaeologists discuss different theories that sounded like plausible ideas.  And yes, I just checked to make sure I was actually watching History International and not the Science Channel or something like that.  How weird….

To be fair, I have no clue if this says something about the crappy programming on History or if I just assume every show on the channel will be about aliens.  If this were an Ancient Aliens program though, they would take that picture of Chaco Canyon and try to show how it corresponds to some constellation.