A Few TV Shows

I am not going to talk about all the shows from last week that I watched, just two:  Game of Thrones and Justified.  Mainly because they were the most intense.  I will make one comment about The Killing:  will there be a season two?  I mean, it should wrap up pretty quickly, right?  Anyways, onto the shows.

Game of Thrones
-So many little things happened during the episode.  The bulk of it featured Jon Snow and how his friendship with Tyrion grows.  By the time Tyrion leaves, they are friends.  Tyrion gives him advice about the other boys and we later see Jon giving them sword lessons.

-We finally get to meet Syrio Forel, Arya’s “dance instructor”.  The guy who plays him is pretty much just how you picture from the book.  I also loved the way Ned watches and you hear the wooden sword sounds turn to metal and you can hear the faint sound of a battle.  Very cool.

-Robert getting drunk and discussing his first kill with Barristan Selmy.  This is a tiny spoiler, so you may want to not read this blue sentence:  how will they disguise Selmy so it can be a surprise when he reveals himself (that sounds so dirty) to Daenarys?

-Another great episode for Jamie.  Such a jerk, yet so cool.  He talks about how Ned Stark’s father and brother screamed while they burned, then mentions how Aerys kept saying “burn them all” when he stabbed him.

-Then there was the creepy Cersei/Joffrey moment.  She says that when he is the king, he can change the story of his wounded arm to anything he wants.  He says he does not want to marry Sansa, nor does he want to be nice to her.  Cersei makes some comment about how he can fuck any girls he wants, but it will not hurt to be nice to his future wife.  I think this was a nice addition, since it was not in the book.  It definitely seems like she was referring to herself…

-Then Joffrey goes on about how he wants a royal army and he would crush the North and install his uncle as the Warden at Winterfell.  Good luck with that one idiot boy.

-Over on the other side of the sea, Daenerys is pregnant.  She thinks it is a boy and she is learning how to speak Dothraki.  She also orders the group to stop and she heads off into the woods.  Her brother confronts her and grabs her by the throat (he was upset that she is giving orders).  He draws his sword on her and her bodyguard uses his whip to pull him off her.  He wants to kill him, but Daenerys says no (nor will she let him cut off Viserys ear).  Viserys tries to order Jorah to kill the bodyguard, but he ignores that order.

-I loved the discussion between Jorah and the bodyguard about each other’s fighting styles and weapons.  I also wonder why Jorah had to leave when he heard that Danys was pregnant…

Raylan forces Mags to give up Dickie.  Dickie’s partner is going to testify against him, but changes his story at the last minute (after a visit from an old lady, I am guessing his mom/grandma).  My favorite part of the episode is when Raylan and Doyle arrest Dickie.  Raylan knocks Doyle out and takes Dickie deep into the woods and tells him how about his Aunt Helen (this is the first time we see Raylan break down and give any emotion about her death).

I really thought he was going to shoot Dickie (and in typical Dickie fashion, he cried and begged the entire time).  When he gets out of jail, Mags says to him that she will help him deal with all this stuff.  I am guessing there will be some major shit happening in Harlan County.  I also loved that Boyd offered to take care of Dickie for Raylan.

Raylan is not stupid, he knows that the Bennett’s will come for him.  I have a feeling that he will play Boyd off them and also somehow get the Frankfurt mafia boys involved.  Maybe he will let them know that it was Dickie who hijacked their bus (or maybe he will let them know that it was Doyle who made sure they never found out).

I honestly think someone major will die by the end of the finale.  My guess it will be Winona, which would be a shame since she is so damn hot.