Fantasy Baseball Week Five

This week I took on Sean (from Sean’s Ramblings) and we had a pretty good battle.  Well it was a good battle if you consider one team having .193/.271 batting average/OBP.  I beat Sean 6-5-1, which brought me back to .500 (I am just like the Pirates!) and proved to me yet again that I can remain competitive even with crappy hitting.  Just look at these hitting stats.

Look at how ugly some of those numbers are.  At least My Savior decided to make a good start.  Adam Dunn actually had a good game the day I put him on the bench.  My big hitter for the week was David Ortiz.  I won stolen bases and we tied in home runs.

Over on the pitching side, well I dominated.  The only category he won was WHIP and that was because of an amazing pitching line on Sunday:  19.2 IP/2 Wins/21 Ks/1.37 ERA/1.22 WHIP.  That brought his down enough (and mine went up just enough) to win the category.

My best player was probably Brian Wilson (and his disgusting beard):  2 Wins/3 Saves/7 Ks/0.00 ERA/0.80 WHIP.  He had more saves than Sean’s entire team and almost as many wins.

This week I take on Offord, who is a half game ahead of me.  I could use a big win, but I will settle for another close one.

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  1. Haha, do not fear, your team could come stage a dramatic come back. Ryan did it one year, he went from last place and then won it (I am not going to look at what year that was or if he won it that year).

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