Fantasy Baseball Week Six

The week of the trade.  I finally got some sucker to take Adam Dunn off my hands.  Actually, I traded Adam Dunn, Troy Tulowitzki, and Trevor Cahill for Ryan Braun and Wade Davis.  I realize that I probably lost something in the power department, but Braun brings me consistency.  He has been one of the most consistent hitters from week to week for a few seasons now.  I made another trade, Justin Masterson for Derek Jeter.  After the Braun trade, I picked up Erik Aybar who is killing it.  So now, I have two shortstops…hmm

Offord beat me this week 7-5.  It was a pretty good battle, we were tied 6-6 going into Sunday and he picked up a stolen base to break the tie.  I knew I should have started Jose Tabata…only a freakin’ moron leaves a speedster off their lineup when all they need is a SB.  I deserved to lose.

My pitching was pretty unfantastic this week.  Allow me to rephrase that:  my starting pitching blew.  My relievers were excellent, but the play crappy teams so they picked up some wins for me, but only three saves.  Lester/Sabathia/Davis all had ERAs over 6.00 this week.  Not a recipe for success.

My player of the week was definitely the newly acquired Ryan Braun (who most Pirate fans loathe).  He hit .375/.474, 5 Runs, 2 HRs, 9 RBIs, and 2 SBs.  I will take that all week long.

This week I take on Pat, who is in 9th place.  I stayed in 7th place.  Everyone had pretty even series last week, so even though I did not win, there is still not a ton of ground to make up.  Just need a dominant week.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Six

  1. yeah, but my luck Tulo will go on another tear and hit .450 for the rest of the month with like 15 HR and then Dunn will chip in with about 15, and a ridiculous .420 OBP. Oh and Cahill will win 5 games and have an ERA of 1.02….that is usually my luck.

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