Last night I went to see Thor (more on that later), and I decided that Kat Dennings deserved to be the GOTW.  Actually, it was the picture of her I saw on Filmdrunk that made up my mind.  Look at her boobs, they are enormous.

She was good in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which was an okay movie.  Although, after seeing these pictures, I will watch pretty much any movie she is in!

3 thoughts on “GOTW

  1. I love her. Did you see the nude pics that were leaked online? They were from her cell phone or something. Good stuff.

    Man, I sound like the creepiest pervert.

  2. I did not see them…if i were a creepy pervert i would look them up right now…

    wow, my girlfriend tried to argue that Kat’s boobs were not that big, just a great bra, she is so wrong.

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