Lindsey’s New Car

The above is a picture of Lindsey’s new car.  She wanted some kind of smaller SUV and had it narrowed down to the Ford Escape, Honda CRV, and Toyota RAV4.  After a few weeks she decided to buy the Escape.  At first she wanted a new one, but realized she could not afford a new one with all the features she wanted (the SYNC stuff, sunroof, etc…)  Then she found a 2009 with low miles with everything she wanted, including heated leather seats.

I started thinking about all the neat little features and wondered why these features are so expensive and how come they are not standard in all vehicles.  It seems silly to me that bluetooth technology is not in every vehicle at this point.  This is the future, I should be able to say “car, call Lindsey” and then I am talking to her.  Yes, I would always say “car” first.

When we looked at the RAV4, they said it was $2500 extra to put in the touchscreen panel.  You can buy the same thing from Best Buy for $900 to $1200.  Hell, when I bought my car, they said it was an extra $1500 if I wanted power windows/power locks.  I told the guy that I am quite capable of rolling down a window.

This is the 21st century people, we should demand that cool features be in our cars.  If someone from the 1950s got sucked into a time-warp and came to 2011, I want them to freak out when they get into a car.  I want my next car to sound like KITT and have already started itself before I come out.  I should be able to send a text to my car that turns it on and adjusts the temperature to just the way I like it.  I should be able to tell the car to find some sports-talk radio shows and give me a list to choose from…