The Week That Was In Television

This was the season finale and allow me to say that it did not disappoint.  Raylan finds out that he is going to be a father, but then he finds out that Loretta left the foster home and he thinks she is going after Mags Bennett.  Raylan goes after her, much to the protests of Winona.

Unfortunately, Raylan walks into a trap and gets knocked out by Dickie.  Dickie hangs him upside down from a tree and starts hitting him with a baseball bat.  Fortunately, Boyd is also looking for Dickie since he shot Ava (oh, did I fail to mention that?  Boyd meets with Mags, but she was planning on killing some of his men while they were meeting, Boyd was a step ahead of her, although Ava took a bullet from Dickie).

Boyd cuts Raylan down and is about to shoot Dickie, who does his typical cry like a girl and beg for mercy.  He asks Raylan if he is going to let Boyd shoot him, and Raylan says something about he may not be able to kill Dickie, but he will not lose any sleep over Boyd killing him.  Then Dickie says that he can take Raylan to Loretta.  Raylan convinces Boyd to let Dickie go and there is a moment where it seems that Raylan will have to shoot Boyd.

Dickie and Raylan head to the Bennett house, where Loretta is inside holding Mags at gunpoint.  Loretta shoots Mags in the leg and this causes the Bennett forces to start shooting.  Raylan takes a bullet to the side and while he is lying on the ground Doyle stands over him and is about to shoot him when a bullet hits Doyle in the head.  The U.S. Marshall service shows up just in the nick of time (yeah, it was a pretty convenient save, but it worked).  They were involved because Winona begged Art to help Raylan.

Raylan goes inside and convinces Loretta to give him the gun, but not before Mags admits to killing her father.  Raylan and Mags sit down and she offers him a glass of moonshine.  I am pretty sure that everyone watching screamed at Raylan not to drink from the glass!  They have a toast and she says that this feud will end the way it should have and all of a sudden she tenses up and says that the poison was in the glass (a throw-back to the way Loretta’s dad died).

I honestly thought that Raylan would have called the Dixie Mafia (his buddy Wyn Duffy) and they would have showed up (instead of the Marshalls).  I am sure they would be interested in taking over the Bennett’s territory before Boyd could take it over.  I would guess that season three will see the Dixie boys becoming a major player.  I also figure that Raylan will stay in Lexington and not head to the shooting range.

Game of Thrones
“Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things”, that was the name of the episode.  It was a line that Tyrion says to Robb at Winterfell when asked why he brought Bran a design for a saddle that Bran could ride.  Tyrion responds that he has a soft spot for cripples, bastards, and broken things.  I loved Tyrion in the books, but Peter Kinklage is so great that he makes the character even better.

It was also great to see Bran smile, poor kid has been so depressed.  He also had a very strange dream, about a three-eyed crow.  I like that the show is making it more ominous than how the book just jumped in with the crow talking.

Ned’s investigation is starting to get somewhere, he found the book that Jon Arryn was reading and he found the boy that Jon was visiting.  Turns out the boy is the bastard son of Robert.  I wish they would have either had a flashback or did the sound over of a battle so Ned’s reaction to seeing the boy would be a little more effective.

I also loved the exchange between Jaime and Jory about how they had met during the rebellion of the Greyjoys and also Jaime being upset about the king having an orgy while he stands outside.  I love how after their bonding moment, Jaime gets annoyed when Jory asks if he could leave a message with Jaime to give to the king.

Up on the Wall, we finally meet Samwell Tarly.  He is a fat kid who is also a coward.  In the books, I always figured he would become a good fighter or something.  That is not the case and I highly doubt things will be different from this coward.  I loved the line when they are by the fire and he says that he will not get any better having to fight and Jon responds that he cannot get any worse.  Best part was of Jon and his friends holding down the bully and letting Ghost jump on his chest and growl at him.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys finally realizes her brother is a loser.  She asks Jorah if Viserys could conquer Westeros and she says that he would not be a very good king.  Viserys takes a bath with Daenerys slave girl and he tells her about dragons, they are having a good time, but then she says something about it being sad they are all gone and Viserys gets angry.  He says that it is her job to please him, not make him sad.

Daenerys finally has enough when she invites Viserys to dinner and he snaps because he does not take orders from her.  He hits her and she fights back, hitting him with a belt, cutting his face.  She tells him if he ever touches her again, she will have his hands cut off.  Very badass.

During the jousting tournament, Ser Hugh (who may have important information for Ned, since he was Jon’s squire) is killed by Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain Who Rides).  He is the Hounds brother and we learn that he was the reason that the Hound has a burnt face.  The Mountain is such a scary character, and I only hope that they make him big enough.  Also, I wonder if they will do the joust match between him and Ser Loras and the final results?  That might be too graphic, even for HBO.

The best part of the episode came at the end though, Lady Stark is at an inn when Tyrion shows up.  He recognizes her and she then stands up and starts calling out different men at the bar, asking if they are still loyal to her father.  You can see the fear in Tyrion’s eyes as he realizes that something very bad is about to happen.  She then demands they arrest him in the name of the king.

Things are about to get crazy.