Uh Oh! Don’t Let It End Like This!

The world comes to an end tomorrow (or at least that is what some morons believe) and to honor this, I figured I would share some pictures of what the world will be like when the shit hits the fan.

Zombies will run amok!  Biting and tearing at your flesh.  They will be led by their fearless leader:

We are so screwed…

Our only hope comes from the men and women of the cloth.  Those who know the secrets to controlling Zombie Jesus.

Without their magical powers (and giant boobs), we will never be able to see such marvelous sites as these wonderful ladies.

Can you imagine a world without boobs?  It would be horrible.  It would be a barren, desolate land.  There would be nothing to look forward to and nothing to love for.  I can only hope that this disaster can be averted before the world ends up looking like this.

Or more accurately, like this:


2 thoughts on “Uh Oh! Don’t Let It End Like This!

  1. ROFL!! I love your sense of humor. I’m quite interested in hearing people’s stories when they don’t poof from earth tomorrow (after all they are the chosen ones and all). Should be fun following the news on sunday

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