Baelor (Spoilers for the Episode)

The thing I worried about most with Game of Thrones was the changes they might possibly make from the book.  When I heard they signed Sean Bean to play Eddard Stark, this compounded my fear.  I mean, there was no way they would kill off their big star during the first season of a show, right?

Well I was wrong.  So far they have been very faithful and they decided to prove that by having Joffrey announce that Ned should die for being a traitor.  As the sword cut his head off, I felt my heart jump because I realized this was the beginning of some very bad things for the Starks.

Another great moment was the capturing of Jaime Lannister and his challenge to Robb that they should end the war now and fight a duel.  I loved that Rob admits Jaime would beat him, so no, they will not do that.  I also enjoyed how Robb realized the horrors and stupidity of war after sacrificing 2000 of his own men.

As usual, Tyrion stole the show.  He tells the story of his first wife and how his father allowed his guards to have sex with her after he informed Tyrion that she was a whore.  Bronn then says he would have killed the man who did that to him.  Hmmm, foreshadowing.    Then he leads his new tribe into battle, well he starts, but he gets knocked out and then trampled.  He wakes up to find out that the attack was a ruse.