Beating the Red Sox and Being There to See It

I think most of you know that I hate the Red Sox.  My hatred started years ago, the exact moment was probably during the whole A-Rod trade stuff.  The Sox acted like it was so unfair that the Yankees traded for A-Rod.  They cried up and down about how the Yankees were creating a monopoly and all sorts of other bullshit.  They failed to mention that they were in the running for A-Rod, they were going to send Manny to Texas.

From that moment on, I started to really dislike Red Sox fans and it only got worse.  Anyways, the Pirates played them this weekend and there was a lot of talk about this being the most attended series in history.  I contacted my place of work to see if they had tickets and sure enough they sent me four tickets in section 120.  I decided to see if my mom and step-dad wanted to go to the game.  They said hell yeah.

She looks so cute…

Unfortunately, it was a pain in the ass to find a hotel room.  Everything in the city was booked (there were two conventions and the game), but I lucked out by finding two single rooms up near the airport.  We took a cab to the game (it cost $32) and decided to go to the casino to kill some time.

Me and Harmon (my step-dad) played three card poker, which I tried playing before on the cruise, but did not really enjoy it.  I figured I would play a few hands, if I did not like it, I would go to the blackjack table.  I lost my first $60 after a bunch of hands of getting crap.  I put another $60 in and figured if I lost this, I would go to the ATM and get money for the game and call it quits.

I think this is Youkilis swinging and missing.

I hit a straight, which put me up a good amount, but still not back to even.  It was funny because I was down to my last $20 and Harmon had to spot me the $10 so I could bet on the straight.  I then went on a pretty decent hot streak and I had a nice chip stack going.  Unfortunately, like most streaks, it came to an end and I started going back down, I was down to about $80 when I hit a straight flush, which paid me almost $400.  Lindsey and mom came over to see how we were doing, they did not believe that I just hit a straight flush, until the dealer started counting out my chips.

Lindsey then took $200 of the money and cashed it in.  I played for a little bit longer and ended up cashing out with $235.  We went to dinner at the buffet upstairs and I was a good son and paid for the meal.  We then headed over to the game.

Damn, the place was packed!  It took forever to get a beer and get to our seats.  Our seats were pretty great and there were only a few Red Sox fans in our section.  During the third inning, Lindsey and I went up to meet Offord and his future wife.  On the way back to our seats we stopped for another drink and that was when Overbay hit the three-run homer.  Damn!  I missed it.

The game was pretty intense.  Every moment seemed like the Red Sox could just score a ton of runs.  But then, the Pirates would get the guys out that needed out.  It is hard to imagine Jeff Karstens dominating that lineup, but somehow he did it.  As soon as Gonzalez hit his homer, I said to Harmon that they needed to pull Karstens.  Hurdle allowed him to stay in to give up another one and bring the game to 5-4.  Luckily the Buccos got another run and they went into the 9th inning with a two-run lead.

Hanrahan warming up…

It was great to be there for Hanrahan’s entrance.  You see it on TV or watch it on YouTube and it is cool, but at the game it is one million times cooler.  Did everyone else almost have a heart-attack during that inning?  I thought Xavier Paul caught that ball, I was cheering like an idiot (like everyone else).  I seriously thought Gonzalez was going to catch up to one of those fastballs.  The entire place was on it’s feet.  This was a game in June and the place was that crazy.  Can you imagine how crazy that city will be if the Buccos make the post-season?

After the game we went to Mullen’s and drank a few beers outside on the corner and then took a taxi back to the hotel.  Once there, Lindsey and I went to the bar and started bullshitting with a couple of Red Sox fans.  They were actually very nice.  The one guy kept saying how great of a city Pittsburgh is and how this is the most beautiful ballpark he had ever seen.

We had a great time and we could not have asked for a better game to be at.  I cannot wait to go back down for another one.

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  1. That was definitely a good time.

    If you want to see another one we are going to Nats/Pirates on Saturday in DC. It is a doubleheader so one ticket gets you two games. We will probably only stay for the first one though unless I am very convincing.

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