DC Comics Reboot

For years I have been saying that DC Comics should just scrap everything and start over.  After all the stupid Crisis books (minus Identity Crisis, I liked that one),  major events like Zero Hour or Final Night, and then whatever the hell Grant Morrison did with Final Crisis and Batman RIP; it just seemed like things were getting a bit stupid.

DC has announced that will reboot the system and all issues will start back at #1.  They keep saying that this is not some gimmick or another quick event.  This is permanent.  Characters will be lost, some will be gained.  HOW CRAZY!

If they are telling the truth and the comics just start over and they come up with new stories, or updated origins for characters, then I am okay with it.  For awhile I thought they might at least try something like the Ultimate Marvel books.  I liked the Ultimate line when it came out.

Something tells me that DC will stick with this for awhile and when they realize that sales did not go up by 20% (or that sales went up for a bit, but then dropped back down), they will panic and let us all know that this is some other part of the multiverse.  Then they will go back to renumbering the books the way the way they were.  Hell, I can see them doing that when Action Comics gets close to #1000.

The real question:  will this reboot mean the Goddamn Batman will be the only Batman?

2 thoughts on “DC Comics Reboot

  1. I really hope they don’t return Action Comics to the old numbering. I hate that shit.

    I also hope they don’t relaunch any titles for at least a few years. I don’t want more #1s soon after line-wide #1s. If you’re going to do that, just go to yearly volumes of #1-12 so it’s not confusing.

    My nightmare for this situation is that the reboot is done, then the whole thing just feeds into the multiverse project Morrison is apparently working on. I don’t want to be all excited for a fresh start, then have it all go Zurr En Arrh.

  2. Exactly! I feel like this will turn out to be part of Earth-12 and if the plan is to get younger people interested in comics, this would definitely turn them away. In fact, letting Morrison write comics will probably confuse the shit out kids, and most adults who have not received a PhD.

    I just read that there will be four GL books…so all the stuff that Johns has been doing with the color war and all that, is that now invalidated? do we have to start over, or does that carry over, but with just a more modern update (more modern than a year ago?)…

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