Fantasy Baseball Week Eleven

I won another week!  7-5 over ShellieShellyShelleyMichelleJason’sGirlfriend Jason’s Female Companion (I do not want to say girlfriend because that might be some kind of anti-feminist jargon).  Anyways, the impressive thing to me is that during my preview of the season, I had her team as dominating pitching stats, but I pretty much dominated her.  She beat me in K’s and WHIP (her WHIP was .97, hard to beat that, mine was 1.05).  I racked up 8 wins and 4 saves with a 2.77 ERA, very nice!

Hitting was not a strong suit for me.  They hit .235/.285 with four HRs.  Ugh.  I did manage to win RBIs and SBs.  I had some terrible hitting from some guys, especially Stubbs, Brantley, and Stanton.  I did get Ryan Zimmerman back, so that was a positive.  My big hitter was Ryan Braun.

The player I want to focus on though was Justin Verlander.  He was absolutely dominant:  2 Wins, 17 Ks, .50 ERA, .39 WHIP.  He almost threw a no-hitter.  That trade definitely worked out for me.

I am still in 10th place and I need to win a few more weeks by more than two.  Hopefully things can continue to go my way for a bit.  I take on Gideon this week.  I hope I can win.