Fantasy Baseball Weeks Seven and Eight

My team blows.  Well, I do not really think that, they are pretty good, but they just do not play well together.  Bunch of freakin’ dickbags.  I am not going to give a huge recap about my weeks, but I will say that I cannot believe I lost 9-2 to Pat back in week seven.  If I remember correctly, the score was either tied or 6-5 (Pat) going into Sunday and then his team decided to be amazing.  Ugh.

I tied Dan 5-5 for week eight.  I do not think he even pays attention.  He has a guy on the DL starting, he never moved his pitchers around.  Ugh.  My pitching was atrocious.  Actually it has been pretty bad the last two weeks.

The only pitcher that I think was any good for me was Charlie Morton.  He had a win and a great ERA/WHIP.  My big hitter was Ryan Braun (Mike Stanton was huge in week seven).  Anyways, I am getting frustrated.

Picture via WHYGAVS.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Weeks Seven and Eight

  1. My team is finally picking up steam. At least that or half the league stopped paying attention. Last week I noticed my opponent didn’t sub players so once I was winning all the pitching positions I just benched my starters whenever they pitched. Worked out perfectly, but seems pretty dumb now that I think about it. Having a 12 person league sounded good on paper, but it could be worse if only half of the teams actually care.

  2. most of the time we only have half the people paying attention. i am still losing to those people though, so i cannot say anything.

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