Game of Thrones Awesomeness

The last three episodes have been pretty damn good.  Let me see what highlights I can give:

-Viserys finally got his crown.  It was awesome in the book, but it was better looking on the screen.  Khal Drogo pours the molten gold over Viserys head, which kills him almost instantly.  The best part was Daenerys reaction:  that he was not a true dragon, since fire cannot harm a dragon.

-Ned realizes that Joffrey is not Robert’s child.  All from something Sansa says.  She is a pretty unlikeable character, but the path her life goes makes you feel so bad for her.  So for those watching, do not fret, things do not go well for her.

-The moment that Ned confronts Cersei about her children, is the moment that my heart started racing.  By the end of that episode, I felt like I was about to have a heart attack.  I knew what was going to happen, yet I just could not bear it.  I mean, the way Littlefinger betrays Ned and Joffrey becomes the new king.  Such a great few moments.

-Khal Drogo’s anger over the attempted assassination of Daenerys was just awesome.  Him screaming what he will do to the Seven Kingdoms was sweet.  He was pretty damn scary.

-When Cersei tears up the letter from Robert, in front of Barristan Selmy, it was gut wrenching.  That was the moment you know that things are going to suck for Ned.

-Speaking of Barristan, how great was the scene of him being relieved of his duty?  I loved how angry he was and how you could see the other members of the Kingsguard almost shit themselves when he draws his sword.

-I completely forgot about Shagga and his great threat “I will cut off the halfman’s manhood and feed it to a goat.”  I love that guy.

-Robb Stark leading his men into battle and watching the Greatjon lose some fingers to the direwolf.  I loved his strategy of allowing the Lannister scout to return to Tywin (Charles Dance is amazing as the Lannister lord) and tell him that “winter is coming.”  If I remember correctly, Robb then goes to Riverrun to attack Jaime, completely fooling Tywin.  Bold move.

-The best part of the episode comes when Syrio protects Arya with a wooden sword against the Lannister men coming to capture her.  He beats down those soldiers pretty easily and we never see the outcome of him versus Ser Meryn Trant.  I am guessing Trant one, it sounds that way, yet I always got the suspicion that we would meet Syrio later at some point.  I could be wrong though.  Also, I loved how Arya kept saying “not today”, from Syrio’s speech about there is only one god, and that god is death, and you only say one thing to death:  not today.

-Littlefinger’s lesson of sex to his two whores was about as close as you can get to porn without actually being porn.  Not that I am complaining.  Was there some anal involved there?