Season Finales

Last night was the season finale for a few of the better shows on television.  Two were great, one was not so great.  I will start with the one that was not so great.  There are spoilers throughout.

The Killing

Who knew Detective Linden was a hottie?

The first season of the show was pretty good, there were a few things that bothered me, especially how convenient the character twists would happen.  Oh, all the evidence points to Bennett, oh wait, no it does not.  Aside from that, the buildup and story were very good.

The last five minutes of the episode ruined the season.  Linden and Holder realize that Richmond is the killer.  They put together the pieces and finally obtain the last piece of evidence:  a photo from a toll booth showing Richmond in the car at the hour when he was supposed to be with Gwen (she then admits to Linden that Richmond left that night and came back soaking wet).

The show ends with Linden on a plane with her son and she gets a call from the toll booth company saying that their cameras have been down all summer.  We then see Holder get into a car and say that everyone bought the photo.

Belko approaches Richmond as they are taking him away and pulls a gun to kill him.  The show could have easily ended with Richmond being the killer, but no, they had to throw a wrench into it.  Now we see that Holder may be a bad guy, Linden knows something is wrong, so she will want to go back.  Now there is reasonable doubt about whether Richmond killed Rosie and there will be a whole second season of this crap?  Ugh.

Another very sad ending to this show.  All sorts of stuff happened in the episode, but I want to focus on the last five minutes.  Harley and Annie (Harley is played by the cool Steve Earle) are walking to Davis’ gig (Harley being a gentleman turns down his Irish friend’s offer of a pint to instead escort Annie across town).

Two guys come up to them and rob them of their instruments and Harley makes the comment that “you are making a big mistake son.”  They one guy gets pissed and says he is not Harley’s son and shoots him in the face.

It is a horrible moment because Harley has been Annie’s mentor all season.  He is the one who informed her that her first song was actually a Bob Dylan song, he forces her to play her original song out in public.

His death also shows the major theme of this season:  random violence of the city and how it is affecting New Orleans.  This season characters dealt with rape, multiple shootings, drugs, and corruption.  We learn that the police are just as bad as the criminals in some cases.  These things are such normal occurrences that when one of Baptiste’s friends dies in a shooting, he does not even get emotional, just a little upset.

Game of Thrones

BABY DRAGONS!  So, cute.  I definitely want a baby dragon for a pet.  Sorry for that moment of girlishness.  Aside from the ending scene where we see the dragons, what else happened:

-KING OF THE NORTH!  The Greatjon declares Robb as his king and the rest of the northmen agree.  Oh, Theon bows as well.  He is a dickbag though.

-Jon’s friends chase him down and force him to come back by repeating their oath.  Lord Mormont informs Jon that they are going outside the wall.  He wants to face these problems head on instead of waiting meekly behind the Wall.

-Arya becomes a boy and meets up with Robert’s bastard son.  She also glimpses the man that will help set her course towards a new land.

-Tyrion is to go to King’s Landing and bring Joffrey and Cersei under control.  Which will be tough, since we are starting to see that Joffrey is a monster.  He forces a singer to repeat a dirty song he made.  He then has the man’s tongue cut out.  Oh and then he forces Sansa to look at the heads on spikes, one is her father and another her Septa.  She makes a comment that he does not like after he says that he will give her a gift of Robb’s head, she says: “maybe he will give me yours.”  Joffrey has Ser Meryn Trant slap her.  She then thinks about pushing Joffrey, but the Hound steps in and gives her a towel to wipe the blood.  This is the beginning of him being nice to her.

-Bran has Osha take him into his family crypt because of a dream.  There they are scared by Shaggy Dog and Rickon, who is down there because he too had a dream of their father in the crypt.

-The preview for the second season was pretty cool as we see the dangerous green wildfire that Tyrion will use to defend King’s Landing.

-Who will play Stannis?  I love that Renly looks like a soft version of Robert.  Also, who will play the Onion Knight?  Will the second season start with a red comet streaking through the sky?  I thought this season would end with the dragons being born and us being able to see the comet start.  I guess I was wrong.

Seriously, season two cannot get here fast enough.