All Sorts of Television Stuff

Where should I start?  Well just sit through the first one and then some of the better ones will come.  How does that work for you?

True Blood
Witches, werepanthers, Bill’s the King, blah blah blah.  Seriously, if this episode would have cut all that crap out and just focused on Eric not having a memory, it would have been a great 23 minutes.  Eric was cracking me up with the entire change in personality.

Also, when Tara pulled the gun on Pam, I really wanted Pam to use her super-speed and just take the gun from Tara and maybe rip her in half.  That would have been cool.  I really wish someone would kill Tara.  That would make my day.

The Glades
I enjoy this show most of the time, for a simple police procedural, it is pretty good.  The main character is pretty funny.  Unfortunately, this weeks episode was a little weak.  They used the partner is the killer trick during the pilot and it worked well.  This time though, I saw it coming a mile away and it was pretty lame.  Do better next week, or else!


I am digging this show.  It is not really the typical lawyer show.  It focuses mainly on corporate law, instead of criminal law like every other show.  Also, there are almost no court scenes, instead it is all about the research, which from what I have heard from a lawyer friend, is basically what most law ends up being.  Plus Meghan Markle is pretty hot.

I cannot believe how much I missed this show.  And luckily, the season premier was pretty good.  Zane and Fargo accidentally launch a rocket into space with themselves stuck inside.  The best part about it though was Fargo ended up being the one to be cool and get them out of the mess.  Usually he gets himself into jams, but everyone else has to get him out.  It was nice to see him as the hero.

And it is about time that Jo and Zane got back together.  Not that I root for things like that because I am so uber-manly.  Speaking of manly, I loved when Andy was on the back of Carter’s horse and yelled “I’m on a horse.”  Great reference to the commercial, without being ridiculous.

Warehouse 13
Alright, I am glad they did not have Myka out for too long.  She is just too hot and she is a great foil for Pete.  Although, I did enjoy the new guy, I think his name is Steve.  I hope he sticks around, that way we can see more mult-case episodes with one of them going out with Claudia.