Breaking Bad Premier

The fourth season of Breaking Bad kicked off with a bang…haha, see what I did there?  The season began where last season left off, with Jesse shooting Gail.  The episode actually started with Gail setting up the lab and then convincing Gus that whoever makes the blue meth, makes a perfect formula and it is beyond Gail.  He was the reason Gus changed his mind about Walt.  That is tragic.

Most of the episode sees Walt and Jesse in the lab awaiting their punishment. Gus shows up as Victor proves that he can replicate Walt’s recipe.  Walt then pleads for his case and to be allowed getting back to work.  He then challenges Victor with a bunch of variables that could change the recipe.

At no point does Gus speak to anyone, he just takes his shirt off and puts one of the red chem-suits on and then goes around to each of them with a boxcutter and menaces them.  He then stands beside Victor and cuts his throat.  It was pretty much a moment that made everyone scream “HOLY SHIT!”  Well, except for me, I even said to Lindsey that it was going to happen.  Victor made the mistake of being seen by the neighbors at Gail’s apartment.  Although, some people will probably think it was because he could not answer Walt’s question.

After Gus kills Victor, he goes back to the clothes rack, washes himself off, and puts his suit back on.  He then walks out of the lab, but then tells them to get back to work.  Walt and Jesse struggle to put Victor’s body into a plastic barrel, and we then see them grabbing some hydrofluoric acid, which we all knows what that means.  Mike asks if the stuff will work, but Jesse finally speaks by saying “trust us.”

It is hard to explain how suspenseful the entire episode was.  I half-expected Gus to cut off Walt or Jesse’s finger.  I knew they would not be killed, but you never can be too sure about bodily harm.  Also, you know it is a great show when there is a cripple pooping scene and it barely gets a mention…