Fantasy Baseball Week 15

I love shortened weeks.  I beat James 9-3.  Sadly, my team actually did alright minus Sunday.  I rocked 20 Runs, 4 HRs, 21 RBIs…hell, normally that would be my total for an entire week.  I would have won batting average, but then Sunday pretty much blew.

Not too much to analyze here.  My best player was probably Mike Stanton.  I have already used him before and I figure I should use someone different.  So this week, I chose Koji Uehara.  He picked up the one hold which won that category for me.

My record is now 81-90-9 and I am in 8th place.  This week I take on Sean, who I beat 6-5 back in week five.  Hopefully I can finish the sweep…