Fantasy Baseball Week 16

It was the moment you have all been waiting for:  the rematch between Ngewo’s World and Sean’s Ramblings.  I won the last match-up and needed a big win to keep myself in the playoff hunt.  Needless I gave Sean a smackdown he will not forget!  Okay, that is not true, I beat him 8-4.

He beat me in Wins, Ks, Holds, and SBs.  How weird is that?  The categories I lost were the ones I usually win…Sadly it was a week where Sabathia and Verlander had only won start each.  Normally they would pile up the strikeouts and get me a bunch of wins.  Also, Drew Stubbs usually gets me stolen bases, but I have not been starting him since he is slumping.  Oh well, you cannot win them all I guess, right?

My team hit 11 HRs, and hit .310/.373, pretty awesome.  My pitching was also great with a 2.16 ERA/1.08 WHIP.  Why can’t they do this every week?

I had some major hitters this week:  Ryan Braun, Eric Hosmer, Derek Jeter, and Ryan Zimmerman (amazing that I had seven stolen bases, but still lost that category).  My best hitter was Miguel Montero, well that is a toss-up since Braun was pretty awesome too.  Just take a look at these numbers.

I am still in 8th place with a record of 89-94-9, but I am slowly making my way back up to at least sixth place.  I am taking on Offord this week, he is in 2nd place.  Imler is in 7th place, but he is taking on James this week, so you an imagine who I am rooting for…

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