Fantasy Baseball Week Fourteen

Oh bloody hell!  I hate you world!  If I would have written this yesterday, I would have said that I beat Ryan 6-5.  Unfortunately, after a stat correction took away a stolen base from Eric Hosmer on Sunday, Ryan ended up winning that category, which means we tied 6-6.  UGH!

Anyways, my team played pretty well.  I finally won batting average and OBP with a .295/.358.  I also won RBIs, Saves, Ks, and ERA.  It was definitely a nice change of pace.

My best hitter was some guy that collected his 3000th hit.  I would tell you all about his huge week, but most of that was due to his five-hit day against the Rays.  Also, I could tell you that Sabathia was my best pitcher, with two wins and 20 Ks, and 0.00 ERA/.75 WHIP.

Instead though, my player of the week, my big hero was definitely Alex Presley.  He hit .368/.429 and also scored five runs.  Not too bad for a guy just called up because of Tabata’s injury.  If there was a category for looking like a 12 year old, Presley would have dominated for me.