Fantasy Baseball Week Thirteen

The winning streak came to an end, although I guess it was not really much of a winning streak.  Imler beat me 8-3, which pretty much blows since a win would have brought me to almost .500 and the win did bring him over .500.

Both of our teams were bad, this was not an epic battle.  My team had a .241/.311 OBP/AVG and those are the categories I won.  I had 10 SBs, but only 14 Runs, in general that should not happen, right?  Also, I failed to start Jon Lester (he and Sabathia had been starting a day apart and when I saw Sabathia/Verlander starting, I assumed Lester was not going to be pitching that day).  I missed out on a win from Lester, which would have given me one more category, plus the drop in ERA could have given me the lead there as well.  I am too lazy to figure it out.  Also if Brian Wilson did not suck, my ERA/WHIP would have been pretty good.

Speaking of good players, Ryan Braun should have had a great week:  he hit .529/.600, but had no Runs or HRs and only 3 RBIs.  I guess my best player was Mike Moustakas, he scored two runs and had one RBI, with a line of .421/.476.

I am glad that interleague play is over so that David Ortiz can return to the lineup.  He is not much of a pinch hitter and having him on my bench seemed to kill any of my chances for RBIs.  I am still offering any of my pitchers for hitters.  Imler, I do not want another starter, sorry.