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I have nothing to write about…well nothing that has not been said by better folks than me.  So whatever.

The Pirates
As everyone knows by now, the Buccos lost in a crazy game where the umpire blew the call.  If you checked all the blogs in my links section, they all had something to say about it.  None of them say it nearly as well as WHYGAVS.  That is just pure emotion…

I was pretty uninterested in the happenings of SDCC this year.  It is crazy to think that I used to want to go there so bad, yet now I have no real interest in it.  I still love comics, but the idea of going there and watching movie previews seems a little insane.  I think it used to be about comics, now who knows what it is…anyways, read Filmdrunks last photo diary from SDCC, pretty cool.

Noah’s Ark

This video is pretty funny, a little long though.  Brought to you by:  XKV8R.

Miss USA
Over at Sean’s site, he posted this video, which is a great parody of the actual Miss USA contestants answering the question about should evolution be taught in schools.

Stupidity amazes me.

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  1. And vibrations! they need to teach vibrations in school. kids need to have a choice! why won’t someone think about the children???

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