Monday’s Antics

Last week I looked at my schedule and realized that Lindsey and I were both off on Monday.  I decided we should head to Pittsburgh to watch the Buccos take on the Reds.  We left here around 3:00, which was a little later than I would have liked.  I wanted to get there pretty early so we could head to the casino.  Unfortunately, Lindsey got stuck doing errands, which sucked for me since I woke up early, even though I worked third shift the night before and fell asleep around 8:30 a.m.

We got to the stadium around 5:00 and hopped in line for tickets.  I know, can you believe I just typed those words:  a line for tickets…Anyways, I had coupons that I bought from work so our tickets were free.  We then walked over to Finnigan’s for some beers and food.

As we sat there eating, it started to pour down rain and then it started thundering.  I checked on twitter and found out that the tarp was being put on the field and the game would be delayed.  We sat there and had a few more beers.

We finally went over to the stadium at about 7:45.  We sat down (our seats were in section 127, pretty good considering they were free).  The game started and things started out poorly.  With the bases loaded and two outs the lightning and rain returned.  At first we were not get wet because we were just under the second level, but then it started raining harder and we decided to get up and walk around.

We adventured around the park for a bit, but then we grew bored of walking and went to grab a beer.  I bought a Penn Pilsner and we stood around waiting for the start of the game.  I was able to get some peanuts off the people beside us, which I think embarrassed Lindsey.  I turned and asked the guy if I could have a peanut, he looked at me like I was nuts (HAHA, pun intended!), but then his wife was like “yeah, you can have some.”  I took one because I am not greedy, but then she laid a huge handful on our little table.  When they got up to leave she gave us some more.  I like that lady.

The rain was coming down pretty hard and it really did not look like there was any end in sight.  It slowed down just enough for us to make a decision:  stay and wait it out, or head to the casino.  If we stayed and the game started around 9:30 or 10:00, the game would most likely not be over until 12:30 or 1:00.  We would not get home until 3:00 or 4:00.

After considering all of that, we decided to leave and go to the casino.  Lindsey met her friend Kristina there and I went over to play three-card poker.  I started with $100 and after losing the first couple of hands, there was a dealer change.  This lady was fantastic!

Actually, she was a terrible dealer.  Twice she misread my hand and was about to short me money, luckily the guy beside me caught it since I was watching the Pirates game on a TV above us.  Then, she paid me out as a winner when I clearly had nothing.  Luckily the guy beside me did not say anything.  Aside from those idiotic things, I was also on a nice hot streak.  At one point I had $400 in chips.  I kept hoping Lindsey would come by and say that she was ready to go.

Granted, I could have quit playing and just walked away, but what fun would there be in that?  Anyways, she never came around and the original dealer came back.  I then hit a major cold streak.  The kind of streak where if you have a pair of kings, the dealer gets a pair of aces.  Ugh.  I had a king/jack/ten once and the dealer flipped a king/queen/ten.  What kinda bullshit is that?  I ended up walking away with the same $100 I started with, which I gave to Lindsey to put towards our vacation.

We left the casino around midnight and guess what?  The game was just ending.  Apparently it started as soon as we left and went fairly fast.  Ugh, how dumb was I?  Granted, I had a lot of fun at the casino, but I would have rather been at the game.  Oh well, live and learn I guess.  Also, my luck if we had stuck around then there would have been another storm and another delay or a postponement.

The last two pictures made me think of Gotham City and it is pretty obvious why they chose to film the new Batman film in Pittsburgh…