The Fires of Heaven

Last night I finished reading the fifth book in the Wheel of Time series, The Fires of Heaven.  It was pretty damn good.  There were plenty of really great moments, such as Mat giving away his secret knowledge of war, or Rand losing his virginity.

The big splash came at the end of the book.  It starts with Moraine dying while I also taking Lanfear with her.  Then, Rand’s friends are killed, but he uses balefire to kill Rahvin and thus erase what he did to Rand’s friends.  What an awesome weapon, something that can erase someone from existence.  The more powerful the blast, the further back in time it can erase.  I wonder what the consequences were for Rand’s actions?  Did someone that Rahvin kill maybe end up living?  Is that who Asmodean was confronted by at the end?  That would be interesting…

-Moraine and Lanfear are not dead.  I have a feeling they will come back after meeting with Mat’s snake/fox people.  I think it was Lanfear that showed up and killed Asmodean, hence the reason for his surprise.  I also think that when Moraine does come back, she will be more powerful than ever.

-Speaking of snake/fox people, Mat will eventually meet up with Perrin.  Mat’s army and Perrin’s army will be a major force that will defeat the Whitecloaks and help Rand win the world.

-Elayne and Nynaeve will end up being full Aes Sedai, especially after Nynaeve shows that she has captured one of the Foresaken.  Or they will leave Salidar and head out on their own.  Probably head back to Andor, since Elayne will be needed since people think Morgase is dead.

-I really want to know what is in the letter for Thom from Moraine.  Could it be something about Thom being Elayne’s dad?  Yeah, I predicted that last time, and I will stick with it.  Or maybe I am completely wrong.

Aside from predictions, I want to make an observation about the similarities between The Wheel of Time and the Dark Tower.  Both series have technological societies that have been broken and are now much less advanced.  There is an overarching fate/destiny that drives the story:  the wheel and ka.  In fact, there is a saying in the Dark Tower:  “ka is like a wheel.”  Hmm, just something I found interesting.