Treasure Hunting II

So recently, Lindsey has decided to start cleaning out all the boxes in our closet.  Most of the boxes are full of stuff from her youth, such as birthday cards, school projects, etc…Also though, there a few funny things.

My favorite part of this is the fact that she tries to sell her sister by saying she is mean and bad.  She must have realized that would not do the trick, so she adds that Kayla is also sweet.  Plus, she must have been pretty worried about the government getting their share since she noted the price was $500 + Tax.  Is there a tax on selling humans?  I am not sure.

Today is Nov. 27, 1994.  It is Sunday.  I am playing with my sisters birthday toy.  And it is the 7 dwarfs.  And my favorites dwarfs are Dopey Happy Sleepy Doc Bashful Snesy And Grumpy!

I tried to scan pages of her journal, but they would not show up since she wrote so light with pencil.  I always thought Snesy was the coolest dwarf.

Today is Sat. Feb4, 1995.  First me and Kayla were playing school in the morning.  We had fun!  Next we ate lunck I had awolful Kayla had a pan cake.  It was good.  Then we got a bath.  The water was hot.  Last we went to bed at mid night.

It took me awhile to figure out what Lindsey ate, at least until I read what Kayla ate.  Also, if you read enough of this journal, she and her sister played school way too much.  It seems like they came home from school and then immediately started playing school.  Also, she went to bed at midnight, you have no idea how funny that is to me.  She can never stay up until midnight nowadays.

We are at the beach it’s the first night at the beach.  It’s Sat. today.  I like the beach.  I like to jump the waves.  We are at Myrtle Beach.  We went to Dick’s to eat.  I had fun.  Love, Lindsey.  P.S. See you tommaro.

I love that she signed this entry and said that she would see the journal tomorrow.  This is funny because she never wrote in it again.

Now, before people jump on me about making fun of her journal from when she was seven years old, allow me to say that I am not really making fun of her and she gave me permission to use this stuff.  I am excited to go to my mom’s house and find some of my old writings from school and post them as well.

We also found this hoody from one of those boxes.  Unbeknownst to most of you, Lindsey was a pretty damn good long jumper in high school.  Which seems pretty improbably since she is like 5’2.  I always picture long jumpers as tall…