True Blood Episode 402

There is really nothing to say about this episode, other than it pretty much sucked balls.  As I said last week, this season seems to have nothing going for it.  The only storyline worth anything was Jason, but that one became a letdown right away.

-Bill is the king because the AVL basically gave him the title after he gave them Queen Sophie.  Apparently he was working with the AVL since the days of British punk rock and Margaret Thatcher.

-The witch-gang wants to raise a human from the dead, but Eric comes to stop them.  They band together to fight him and he somehow loses his memory.  And his shirt.

-Tara is reminded why she is lame.  She tries to visit Sookie, but gets blown off after a few minutes.  Then goes with her cousin to see some witch action and almost gets eaten by Eric.  Probably not the best way to impress Sookie…

-Luna, Sam’s new girlfriend, once changed into a human.  I wonder if all shifters can do that, or did her stupid story have some weight to it.

-Hoyt and Jessica are like a lame, old married couple.  She goes and gets dirty with that weird dude from Fangtasia.  Still not at all interesting.  And if she is going to the club, she needs to wear less clothing.

-Jason is being held by Crystal and Felton.  She is high and he wants Jason to impregnate her.  He is impotent.  However, they must first make him a werepanther.  Yep, this will be dumb.