Breaking Bad: Bullet Points

Sunday night’s episode of Breaking Bad was pretty damn awesome.  Allow me to run down some of the great things:

-Skylar and Walt going over the story about Walt’s gambling was hilarious.  Walt was being such a dick (rightly so) to her because she made him seem like such a degenerate.  I loved when he apologizes and she starts to get excited until she realizes that it is part of the script that he is improving.

-Walt shows Hank up with the mineral (obviously not a rock) collection.  Explaining the chemistry behind the pink.

-The greatest video ever:

-I wonder if the seed has been planted in Hank’s head that maybe Walt is more than he seems.  I think so, he seems to buy the gambling story, but at the same time, his instincts have to tell him that something is off.

-Jesse just shrugging off Mike was pretty great.  He seriously has no care that his money was stolen.  The worst part is the way Walt does not seem to notice how messed up killing Gale has made Jesse.  He probably thinks this is all because Jesse is just a screw up.

-The ending was pretty fantastic.  When Walt goes to Jesse’s house and cannot find him, my heart sank.  Especially when we see him with Mike, who asks Jesse if he is going to ask where they are going and Jesse says “nope.”  Jesse really does not care if he lives or dies.

-I honestly think Jesse could die this season.  Imagine what that would do to Walt.  He treats Jesse like a son (which is why I wish they would kill off Walt Jr.) and I think Jesse’s death would be a wake-up call to Walt.  This is not a business he is in.  These people kill you when you make mistakes.

-That being said, I do not think he will die next week.  I have no clue how he will get out of this mess, maybe he will have a nice conversation with Mike.

-The new identity that Saul mentioned will become an option to Walt (or maybe he will do this for Jesse).

-I wonder if Hank will work more with the APD.  I hate seeing him all depressed and mopey.  I honestly think Marie could be a character to die this season, something that will cause Hank to snap out of his funk and completely become engrossed in catching Heisenberg.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Bad: Bullet Points

  1. I think this is the episode that is turning the season towards how they promoted it – seems like everything is really getting going now and they’re upping the ante on action…I’m interested to see what is gonna happen with Jesse for sure.

    I love when Walter busted into Jesse’s trashy little party and confronts him about how they plan to deal with the fallout from the murder of Gale (you can watch at

    ). Great song, too (“Flyentology” by El-P) that is such an intense song for such an intense scene

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