College is Overrated

The Pirates signed their second round pick, Josh Bell.  There seemed to be a debate about whether or not he would sign since he sent out a letter asking teams not to draft him because he wanted to go to college and play for the University of Texas.

Most people thought this was a ploy to get a team to offer him more money.  And it obviously worked, but the thing that cracked me up, was the number of people saying that they could understand why he would want to go to college.

This is something I read somewhere “he may want to go to college to get his degree in case baseball does not work out.”  Umm, yeah, that is all well and good, or he could take that huge signing bonus he received and tuck about $100,000 away in case he gets hurt and wants to go to school.  That should cover it.

I could understand if he was deciding to go to college because he was not considered a huge prospect, but he would have probably been a top fifteen pick if he had not scared everyone away with that letter.  Yes, he could go to college and do very well and end up being a top five pick, but what if he gets hurt, ends his career?  Or because of injury, gets drafted in the eighth round.

It reminds me of those college football players who stick around for their senior year, yet they are already considered a top draft pick (I am looking at you Peyton Manning).  I wanted Manning to get hurt so bad and end up never making it to the NFL.  Oddly though, now I actually like Peyton Manning.  That is a different story though.

What other things would there be that Josh Bell would miss out on?  The college experience?  Banging a bunch of college girls?  Look, I am sure with his huge stash of cash, he will be able to stay up late and sleep with some hot girls.  Hell, he can swing by any campus and probably pick up a few girls.  Hey Josh, anytime you want to go out at PSU, let me know, I’ll show ya the hot spots!

Hell, this is good advice to any young person who has no clue what they want to do with their life.  If they only want to go to college in order to party, here is my suggestion:  go to a huge college and become a bartender.  Seriously, move to PSU/UT/OSU…wherever.  Become a bartender, you will have money all the time and you will get to do some serious partying.  Once you get tired of the college town, move to the beach and do it for awhile.  As you are doing this, tuck away a little money in case you decide you want to go to school.  Then, go to a technical school and become a plumber or a HVAC repairman.  Best advice I could ever give anyone!