Cubs Game

The Place That Shall Not Be Named gave me and a coworker tickets because we are part of a peer-advising program (I am the adviser).  I was a little bummed because I figured they would have us in the luxury box, but instead we sat up in section 316.  As you can see, the seats were good, there are no bad seats at PNC Park.

Not much to say though, the Pirates lost even though newly acquired Derek Lee hit two home runs.

We went to Rivers Casino before the game and I played three-card poker again.  I won the first two hands and immediately thought “oh boy, here we go.”  Then, they switched dealers, every time they switch dealers on me, I end up going on a losing streak.  I should just leave the table.  After that I lost every single hand and I had decent hands.  If I had a K73, the dealer would have a K84.  The dealer was even making comments about it.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  I dropped my $100 in about ten minutes, not very cool.  Hell, I was broke before my beer arrived, haha.

It was a fun time though, drank some beer, saw some baseball, ate some food, and fed my gambling addiction.  I cannot complain.