End of the Road

Do not worry, I am not retiring this blog.  Instead, I have decided to stop doing GOTW.  After 139 posts, I have decided to hang it up.  You can still look at all the old ones if you want.  Just do not expect any new ones.

I have a few favorites I would like to remind you about:

Lost girls:  This one was way too much work.


Lindsey’s Bikini Poll

Helen of Troy:  I loved this one until I realized that it was only funny to me, since most people read this through facebook or something else, so the image after the jump is not nearly as hilarious.

A terrible history lesson


My birthday girl

Obviously there have been tons, many of which have been friends of mine and whatnot.  These were just a couple that made me laugh.

Before anyone gets scared, there will still be pictures of attractive women on the site.  Now, what the hell should I post on Friday?  Anyone have a suggestion?