Fantasy Baseball Week 18

Another win!  I beat Pat 6-4, bringing my record back over .500.  I am now in seventh place and could jump into sixth with another week or so.  I won the following categories:  runs, average, OBP, holds, ERA, and WHIP.  We tied stolen bases and strikeouts, which is just annoying.  You mean one of my pitchers could not get one more K?

My pitchers were not spectacular this week.  I only mustered two wins.  I also only picked up four saves (three of which were from Drew Storen).  My hitters were okay, but no one really had a mind blowing week.  Ryan Zimmerman scored three runs, had five RBIs, and hit for .429/.500 over the week.  Not too shabby.

Enjoy my photoshopping skills…

I want to point out how much I hate Drew Stubbs.  The days I started him, he would end up being hitless and pretty much useless.  I benched him on Sunday and he hit a homer and stole a base.  Ugh, that has been how he has been all season.  A complete cock-muncher.

This week I take on Dan, who is in dead last.  I should beat him and if I can give him a good beat down, hopefully I will be in sixth place.