Fantasy Baseball Week 20

Fuck!  I was winning all week long!  Sorry about the vulgarity, but it is the only way I can express how angry I am after this week.  When I left on Saturday morning for a weekend trip, I was up 7-3.  I came home Sunday night and had lost to Dave, 6-5.  What the hell happened?

Well the first thing I can mention, is that I did not start Jon Lester on Monday.  I came home from work and assumed that he would be on a night game, but no!  He was playing at noon or something ridiculous.  We tied in strikeouts, Lester had at least one that game.  Also, his ERA and WHIP would have driven mine down, although I do not think enough to actually win.

I have two weeks left to go from 8th place to 6th place.  This is actually doable, since 1.0 game behind the sixth place person.  This week I take on Jason/Nick (who is probably not paying attention anymore or if the should at least not start anyone and allow me to sweep them…please.)

Tough to decide who my superstar was, probably because I am so irritated.  I would have to say Ryan Zimmerman, but one could argue for Derek Jeter or Ryan Braun.  Drew Stubbs still eats cock.

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