Fantasy Baseball Week Seventeen

This was an intense week.  Every time I would check the match-up at work it would flip-flop.  I would be up 6-5, then down 7-4.  It was pretty nerve racking.  I ended the week in a strong way though, cementing a victory over Offord 7-3.  The most impressive thing was coming back to win runs on Sunday.  My team scored nine runs to take the category.  I also won RBIs, AVE, OBP, Ks, Holds, and WHIP.

Allow me to bitch and complain for a second.  I use Fantasy Guru on my phone and I have not had any problems with it before.  Saturday night, I set my team for Sunday including Justin Verlander.  For some reason the stupid thing did not take the change and I had him on the bench.  He had a win, 9 Ks, and 0 earned runs over eight innings!  We tied in the wins category!  I do not feel like doing the math to see if it would much it would have dropped my team ERA.

My big player was definitely Ryan Roberts, granted a bunch of guys on my team had great weeks, but Roberts has been slumping and it was nice to get any kind of production out of my second base position.  He hit .389/.500, 4 Runs, 2 HRs, 3 RBIs.

My pitching was good again, minus Charlie Morton deciding to completely ruin the hard work of Sabathia, Lester, and Verlander (his first start anyway).  Ryan offered me a trade for Jon Lester, I think it was Carlos Pena and Heyward.  I turned it down, at the moment my team is firing on all cylinders.  I do not see a reason to mess with anything, unless a great trade would come along.

My record is now 96-97-11 and I am still in 8th place.  Another win this week and I could quickly be in sixth and then from there, who knows…

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  1. BTW, had a similar thing happen, although it was only my own dumb fault for forgetting San Fran had a day game that day. Had Vogelsong on the bench for his 8-1 win the other day, and now am currently losing by one in wins.

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