Fright Night

I do not know why I wanted to see this movie, but the preview intrigued me and I wanted to see it.  We went last night, and I have to admit that I was not disappointed.  It was not a great film, but it was enjoyable, which was all I was looking for last night.

The movie decided to do a few things that I liked.  First, it did not try to fake you out with the whole, is Jerry a vampire or not.  Nope, they jump right into it.  Second, they did not draw the suspense out and try to avoid the enemies face off early.  Instead, Jerry tries to come in, when Charley says no, he does the most rational thing ever:  he digs a hole in the ground and pulls out the natural gas-line and lights it on fire.  He then makes a comment about if there is not a house, he does not need an invitation.

That has always been something I have wanted to see some vampires do in Buffy or something.  Just burn down the house and be done with it.  Then kill everyone inside.  That is what I would do if I were a vampire.

The only thing I really hated was the whole high school clique thing.  I guess I just do not get it.  My school was not like that, I guess these things happen in other places, but it just seems so ridiculous to me.  Also, why the hell would anyone go into the house of a suspected vampire in the middle of the night, even if you just saw him leave.

The question I asked Lindsey after the movie, was whether or not she would take the offer that Charley’s girlfriend made him when she became a vampire:  he could join them and be with her forever.  Personally, if a vampire offered me a chance at immortality, I would take it in a heartbeat.  Seriously, I would not even think about it.  What could be the downside?  No more sunlight?  Eh, night is more fun.  Have to kill people?  So, that is what homeless people are for.  I really cannot see a downside.

I was going to write something about True Blood today and how it could be better, but I guess I will save that for another time.

2 thoughts on “Fright Night

  1. I really wanna see it. Is it similar to the original at all?

    And yes, the high school clique thing in movies and on television is awful. Sadly, LP and I watched the entire season of Teen Wolf on MTV and it was full of that, along with all kinds of other high school cliches.

    And don’t get me started on True Blood. This season HAS to get better, because it sure as hell can’t get any worse. Jarrod said a couple weeks ago, “If you sat down and watched that last episode as your first time watching True Blood, you would think it’s the gayest show ever.” And he was right. This season has been a huge disappointment. I hate seeing Marnie/Antonia controlling the vampires. I hate the Lafayette/Brujo/Mikey storyline. I’m sick of Sookie, which might sound weird. I almost wish she’d die – along with Tara, who I liked the first season. Sam’s storyline is the best part of the show, I think. And Jason might have something worthwhile coming up.

    Do you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm or Entourage? And how about Curiosity?

  2. I really do not remember the original all that well. but, from what i read online, it seems like it was close to the original with a few tweaks.

    i do not watch entourage or curb. I watched the first episode of curiosity, which was absolutely amazing.

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