How to Fix True Blood

Obviously you know what this post is about.  This season has been pretty terrible.  What could they do to fix the show for next season?  Here are my ideas:

-Obviously they are not going to kill Sookie.  It would be great, but it will not happen.  Instead though, they need to focus a good bit less on the love triangle and maybe never mention the whole faerie thing ever again.

-Too many useless characters.  First, get rid of Tara.  She is absolutely unnecessary.  Her views go completely against Sookie’s beliefs.  Might as well kill her off this season.  If you want someone who Sookie can talk to about her problems, use Jason.  He is more interesting anyway, since he has positive and negative vampire experiences.

-Speaking of Jason, they need to keep his character more consistent.  Keep him as a cop, I actually like that idea.  I am glad they eliminated the whole were-panther story (I am sure it will pop back up though).  In fact, I like the idea of his role being more involved with the vampire community as a cop, maybe covering up things for Bill (with help from Jessica).

-Jessica naked.

-The entire story needs to be vampire related.  The interesting thing about the first season was the way we saw how society reacted to vampires.  Those are also some of the good parts of this season.  Focus more on that and less on idiotic villains.  No witches, no demigods, no werewolves, no werebadgers, or anything else.  They can exist in this world, but they are not the big story.

-Also, we need to know more about vampire politics.  Who are the Authority?  How and why did they divide the U.S. into a kingdom per state?  How come some of the oldest vampires (Godric, and to a lesser extent Eric) are just sheriffs of small areas.  Could they just kill the king or queen and take it over?

-Keep Sam’s story just the way it is.  Seriously one of the few good things about the show.  Except, maybe have him work at the bar a little more often.  Also, what happened to him being in love with Sookie?  I realize he grew out of that, but he and her have no interaction whatsoever.

-Can someone explain to me why werewolves are more badass than shifters?  During the fight against Tommy, he should have shifted into that alligator, or a T-Rex.  Can they do that?  That would be fuckin’ awesome!

So these are just a few of my ideas, feel free to use them HBO!