Myrtle Beach Trip

We made it back from Myrtle Beach.  I know most of you were a little worried (and by that I mean, no one even noticed I was gone).  Allow me to recount an amazing trip.

Actually, I need to jump back to Monday real quick.  I decided to sleep all day and then sleep as late as possible so we could leave around 1:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, I woke up at 6:45 p.m. and could not fall back asleep.  We ended up leaving at 1:30 (after the Pirates game).

We made it to Maryland when Lindsey fell asleep.  The GPS took us through DC instead of going to Winchester and since I have no clue how to use a GPS, I just followed the directions I was given.  Luckily I missed the DC traffic by about 45 minutes.  Looking in my rear-view mirror, it looked like there cars just lining up everywhere.

I kept on driving for most of the morning and decided it was time to wake Lindsey up when we hit North Carolina.  We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and after that Lindsey took over the rest of the way.

We got there around 1:00 and decided to try and find me some swimming trunks (are they still called that, or am I really showing my age?).  I found a pair and we went to the hotel (Hotel Blue) and asked if it would be possible to check-in early.  The guy said that the room was ready.

By this point, I was completely exhausted.  We went down to the pool and decided to get a couple drinks at the swim up bar.  I laid there, but could not fall asleep.  Later, we went out to eat at Landshark and then went over to Broadway to see the fireworks.

We got up and went down to the beach and sweated like crazy.  Seriously, it was a little warm.  I have not been in the ocean since I was like 13 years old.  I may have went in during my beach trip when I was in high school, but I honestly do not remember.  After about an hour of sitting there reading my book, I asked Lindsey if she wanted to go into the water.

Allow me to explain something.  I did not learn to swim until I was 13 years old.  I had a pretty serious fear of water until then and I was able to overcome it on my own and teach myself to swim (yeah, I am awesome).  The one thing that I will never really get used to though, is being in the ocean.  Some people have a fear of the animals living in the water.  I am no longer afraid, but I still give the water a healthy bit of respect.  I just like to relax out there and not do anything crazy.

That night we went out to Broadway.  We ate dinner at Senor Frogs (I had been there before) and had some drinks there.  After that we walked around and drank at a bunch of other bars.  Here are some pictures.

After dinner, we hit up the mini-golf real for a quick game.  Lindsey talked a ton of smack since the trip to Ohio when she beat me.  Well, this time I took it seriously and beat her.  I shot a -1, she was like a +3.  HAHA!

We then went to Margaritaville and had a couple drinks there, the server wanted us to stick around because we were his last table and this large group was scoping out our table.  Luckily we could oblige him since Lindsey is the slowest drinker on the planet.  Also, sticking around allowed us to hear this song by the band.

From there we went over to Charlie’s and drank some beer and enjoyed the music of Axl Rose and Slash.  Well, a fatter Axl Rose.  They did a few songs by GNR, but a ton of other covers.  They were not too bad.

Then after awhile, we saw something great.  Some lady started puking her guts up and her husband was trying to be all sweet and pour water on her.  Here is the picture I was able to take.

We called our cab and went back to the room.  Our cab driver’s name was Glen.  He was quite a character.  On our trip to Broadway, he told us some good stories about different fares he had from North Carolina.  In fact, he would pretty much not shut up.  Good guy though, told us where to go at Broadway, and seemed to really want us to have a good time.


A bit of the same as the day before.  Beach, swim, read, lunch, drink, beach, swim, read, drink.  Great day, actually could you have a better day than that?

That night, we went up to Barefoot Landing and ate at Dick’s Last Resort.  I had heard stories about the place and I always wondered if the servers would be as abusive as people claimed.

I mean, the server could not cross certain lines, right?  Well I was wrong, they cross every line imaginable.  They call people retards, make jokes about girls being whores, call guys queer, and pretty much anything else.  They also made us sit together at a giant picnic table, we joined another party of two and a group of six.  The people we were with were pretty cool.

They made us wear these hats that our server forced us to make.  She then wrote very dirty things on them.  Here is mine:

Here is Lindsey’s:

After Dick’s we walked around Barefoot Landing for awhile, did some shopping and whatnot.  We went back to the hotel and had a little fun on our balcony…if you know what I mean.

We woke up pretty early and walked to breakfast.  We ate at the National House of Pancakes, or N’hop as I called it.  This is funny because we saw a waffle place and Lindsey called it IWOP, which cracked her up.  It took her a few minutes to realize that IWOP would be international waffle of pancakes.  She should have said IHOW.

We went to the pool and hung out for awhile, but then it looked like rain, so went up to the room and decided to head back to Broadway to do some shopping.  We bought a few things and then ate at Joe’s Crab Shack.

We came back to the room and got cleaned up and went out to Murphey’s Law Sport’s Bar, which everyone said is a Steelers bar and would most likely have the game.  Unfortunately, they did not have the game, but they had football on and they had the Pirates on.  So needless to say, I was happy.  We both got pretty drunk and then I started falling asleep, so Lindsey said we had to go back to the room.  Do I look drunk?

We woke up and checked out.  Then we went for breakfast and went up to the outlets to do some shopping.  I know, we did a good amount of that.  We walked around and looked at work clothes for Lindsey, it was pretty exciting.  Then we made our way for home.  That was probably the roughest drive ever.  I was so damn tired.  We took shifts driving, but neither of us could fall asleep while the other drove.  We made it home safely though and then went to bed.  It was such a great trip.  Mainly because I had such a great girl to spend time with…

Okay, here are some more pictures:

Damn I am a sexy guy in that Hawaiian shirt…

A fire-breathing dragon and an Elvis impersonator!  This place has everything!

Now, here comes one of my weird moments.  One of the days were in the water, we noticed people pointing at something near us.  It kind of freaked us out because we heard the word “shark.”  We came out of the water and a little bit later, a guy and his kid’s came out of the water.  He said that he saw a 3-foot hammerhead shark.

He said it was swimming in between people and he followed it around for a bit until his two daughters got scared because they thought there might be a mommy shark around.  I watched the water for awhile and then the weird moment happened.  I hoped someone would get attacked.  I KNOW!  I am a weirdo, I just kept wondering how I would react.  Would I rush to help the person once they were pulled from the water, would I throw up, what would happen?  Luckily, no one actually got hurt.

This was some of the stuff at Murphey’s Law, as you can see there were a good amount of Steelers stuff.  Also, some great Lemieux and Van Slyke posters.

I am sure I have bored you enough.