Television Stuff

True Blood
To say this season has been stupid would be insulting to stupid things.   The only positive to this stupid witch war against vampires was Sookie getting shot.  Please just die already.  Also, if they kill Bill (hehe), can Pam please kill Tara?  That is all I ask.  I could put up with a season of just Eric being awesome, Jason banging chicks, and Jessica just getting naked.

Been a cool season so far, although I really wish they would have taken the Allison being mind-controlled story a little further.   I am also hoping they show the team actually on Titan (I wonder if that story-line is being written because certain characters may have other projects coming up?).

I have loved the Zane/Lupo story and them falling back in love, same with Henry and his wife.  Honestly though, Zane is probably my favorite character on the show (minus Jack).  Anyone have a prediction who will be the team that goes to Titan?   And what they will find there?

-Zane, Lupo, Fargo, Holly, Grace, and Henry.  It would make sense to send couples, right?  Probably not.  Also, since they are using Fargo’s FTL device, the trip should be fairly quick.

-They will find something that will help change the earth.  Since next season will be the last, I could see them going that route.

Breaking Bad
HOLY SHIT!  What an intense episode, again!  I thought that Jesse was going to die at least 23 times.  The first part of the ride out to the desert, I kept thinking that Mike was just messing with him.  Especially when they kept going to different spots, I figured Mike was trying to get Jesse to drop his guard, then would kill him at the last spot.

Instead, he and Gus set it up so some guys attempt to rob Mike.  Jesse sees them and takes the car and almost runs over one of them.  He then swings back around to pick Mike up.  Gus (and not Walter) knew that Jesse wanted to live, he just needed to feel like the hero.  Maye if Walt would have spoken to Jesse about the murder, he could have mentored him.  Walt is behaving like a fool.

Speaking of which, Walt made a huge mistake.  While at dinner with Hank and Marie, Hank says that he wonders what a guy like Gale could have accomplished had he applied himself to something else.  He believes that Gale must have been a genius.  Walt, who is on his way to a nice drunk, starts belittling Gale, saying that he must have copied his work from a real genius, someone who must have been the real Heisenberg.  Hank does not seem amused and is probably going to start asking more questions.

Plus, Hank seems to have been reinvigorated by the case and stopped looking at his minerals.  Hell, he even talked to Marie in a civil manner.

And a preview of Boardwalk Empire