Walt Jr and his Bitchy Mom

One of my favorite things about Breaking Bad is Walt Jr. and his horrible speech impediment.  I know, this makes me a terrible person, but I seriously love imitating him and the best thing to say is “mom, you’re being such a bitch.”  Or something like that.  Here is a clip of him saying it to his mom.

On last night’s episode they continued this great running joke with Skylar even acknowledging it.  She makes a comment about taking back the car and she then says that she will still be the bitch.  She is now the protector of the family from Walt.

It was a pretty sweet episode.  Walt is seriously losing his grip.  Also, he is losing his father-figure status with Jesse, which is now being replaced by Mike.  Mike was actually impressed with how Jesse handled the meth-heads.  And then Gus came along and completely crushed the bond between Jesse and Walt by saying the one thing Jesse needed to hear:  I saw something in YOU.   Walt believes that everything Gus does is about him (and he could be right, but he never thinks about Jesse).  Honestly, how far can Jesse be from being able to cook the same recipe as Walt?

Will there come a point when Gus decides that he no longer needs Walt and could just use Jesse as the cook?  At what point will Jesse just decide that he would be better off without Walt being a complete jerk to him all the time.