Weak Sunday Television

Sunday television was not all that good this week.  Quick stuff about the three shows I watched.

The Glades
The show is going downhill with the whole Jim and Callie being awkward towards each other.  This episode was about a killer at a Pentecostal church.  They tried very hard to push one character on us and anyone with half a brain knew it was the other person.  The only positive was Jim completely mocking their religious beliefs.

Dear The Glades, please stop making Kiele Sanchez look less hot on the show…THANKS!

True Blood
All sorts of stupid shit in this one.  The witches are everywhere, Lafayette is possessed by Jesus’ uncle and Marnie is possessed by that chick the vampires killed.  Tommy becomes a skinwalker and does the only cool thing he will ever do:  turn into Sam, fire Sookie, and have sex with Luna.  Tara and her girlfriend check out the town, then get attacked by Pam.  I hope Pam kills them both.  Terry and Arlene’s house burns down, their kid can see some black chick.  Whatever, I wish they would die.  The werewolves are joining a new pack, yay!  Lame.

At least Eric was entertaining.  He bowed down to a super-dickish Bill and then Bill lies to whatshername and says that he needs the true death.  Then frees him to go have sex with Sookie.  The best part of the episode was Jason thinking he was going to turn into a werepanther.  I loved when he and Jessica had their bonding moment.  I cannot wait until they bang and Hoyt becomes angry.

Breaking Bad
I do not want to say this was a bad episode because it was not bad, it was just slow.  I am hoping that Hank snaps out of being an uber-deusche and becomes completely immersed with working on the case (instead of focusing on minerals).

An entire episode about the buying of a car-wash was not the way to follow up last week’s beat down of Walt.  I actually felt bad for the car-wash guy.  Just listen to Saul and buy a nail salon.  I also enjoyed Jesse’s cool party.  That seems like my kind of crowd.  And by my kind of crowd, I mean, that shit would freak me the fuck out if I walked into that party.