Altoona Casino

If you want a good laugh, please head on over to the Altoona Mirror and read this article.  Okay, the article itself is not very funny, but if you read the comments…wow.  The people who comment there are probably some of the most well spoken individuals ever.  This one is probably my favorite:

Wow are you all so small minded or just idiotic??? You really make so no sense at all. Oh- right this IS Altoona no-one should get ahead- no one should think outside the safety of ‘give me evertyhing I haven’t worked for because I am baentitled to*****it from working folks in this “God-forsaken”*****hole town”‘ Why be forward looking, why shouldn’t people that work hard want to “better” themselves, why shouldn’t they tell these welfare sucking pigs to get a job?? Why ids it I am so freaking tired of paying for these people?? Becaus ei waoirk my butt off at two jobs and so does my spouse – two jobs- two back breaking jobs to pay our own way- I hate seeing all these lazy generational people taking what I work for. Hey – I have a novel idea- Repeal welfare-repeal make people earn their way- yeah I know bring it I dont care I have lived here too long and the longer I am here the more I hate Altoona- disgusting people crawling around that apparently dont shower-

Personally I am down for a casino in Altoona, but only if they have three-card poker.  I love all the people saying that it will bring crime into the city.  There is already crime there and I have been to Rivers Casino, I do not see meth dealers standing outside, or prostitutes all over the place.  People automatically assume that it will turn Altoona into Vegas overnight.  Oh well, I doubt it will happen.