Breaking Anarchy

This week’s episodes of Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy were both very good.  Well, one was great, the other was good, so when you average that out, it comes to very good.  See, simple math.  Some of the highlights and low points of each.

Breaking Bad
-Walt Jr. hates his new car.  Goes to visit his dad, unfortunately Walt is in a world of pain after getting the crap kicked out of him by Jesse.  Walt opens the garage door looking like my old man in his underwear.  Seriously Walt, buy some boxers.

-Walt pretty much screws up and calls his son Jesse.  Oops, that is one way to get your kid to love you more.  Also, has there ever been more proof that Walt Jr. could take a bullet and no one would miss him?

-Jesse is completely bad-ass during his trip to Mexico.  When the cartel chemist (Chloe’s husband!) gives Jesse crap, he completely turns it around and sounds like Walt.  He says they will not cook until the lab is cleaned exactly to his liking.  And naturally, he adds a bitch in there to give it style.

-Turns out that Gus is supposed to give the cartel Jesse.  Mike hints to Jesse that either they are all heading home, or no one is going home.  Then Gus presents a bottle of expensive alcohol to Don Eladio, everyone does a shot (we see Gus taking some pills and staring at the pool where his brother died–was it really his brother, or gay lover?) and a little while later, everyone dies.  Gus then yells out to the rest of the people that the Don is dead and people should take whatever they want and not try to fight with him.

-Does this mean that Gus now controls the entire Mexican meth market as well?

-The only down-side to the episode was Skylar (shocking).  She has Saul concoct a story so she can give Ted the money to pay his back taxes.  Then, Saul informs her that Ted used the money to lease a new Mercedes and he is planning on opening his business back up.  She confronts Ted and then tells him that she gave him the money.  Ugh, again, if Gus cut her head off with a box-cutter, no one would mind.

Sons of Anarchy
-Allow me to start with my one complaint:  The whole Vivica thing was a little weird.  She protects the neighborhood and her boys bought the guns?  If this is just a one time thing, I am okay with it, but if for some reason she keeps popping up as some kind of player in the area, I will be annoyed.

-Are we finally seeing Clay crack?  He does not respond well to Gemma when she asks him about the coke.  Also, he can never just be honest with people.  I loved Bobby’s look when he lied to the Indian chief about the bullets because Bobby realizes that Clay’s word means jack-shit.  Especially since Clay tells Bobby that if he backs the coke, when he retires, he will turn over the gavel to Bobby.  He already told Jax he would give it to Opie.

-I liked how Gemma handled Tara.  Instead of doing her normal nosy thing, she just asked Tara about the letters.  She then told Tara all about how much she loved JT and it hurt her when he went to Ireland to be with Maureen.  She seemed genuine about the whole thing.

-I loved what Opie told Jax:  (paraphrasing) “I will back you and Clay on this, but when he retires and you are the president, you and I are going to get this club back to what it was meant to be.”  You could see that Jax is hurt because he hates lying to Opie, but maybe he is not so hurt, maybe he will stay around with Opie to build the club his father and Piney set out to create.

-What the hell is the sheriff trying to do?  Threatening Juice that the club will get rid of him if they find out he is half black?  Just seems a silly way to go, but I am sure it will pan out.  Maybe Juice should talk to Jax.

-The other thing that I have a problem with this season:  how will they ever get out of their connection with the cartel?  This is one of those things that if they do this for a year and get a shit-ton of money, they cannot just call Romeo and say “hey, we have decided to retire from the coke game.”  They will be killed or forced to do it for lesser pay.  Seems like Clay has no real exit strategy this time.  Or maybe he does, he shocks me sometimes.