Cry Me a River

If you are offended by vulgar language, this post will most likely offend you.

I have had a few bad days and I figured you would love to know about it.  Thursday I went down to Pittsburgh for the Pirates game.  Unfortunately, no one would go with me, which I was actually okay with.

I went to Rivers Casino first and played Three-Card Poker for about two hours.  At one point, I was up $150, but then I went on a losing streak and ended down $25.  I walked over to the game and had great seats (I used my coupon and got a free ticket).  The Buccos lost to the Dodgers and pretty much played like crap.  I then left and came home.

I changed into my Steeler jersey and went over to the YP to watch the final preseason game.  Needless to say, I had a bit too much to drink and Lindsey had to drive me home when she was done with work.  Yay for being responsible!

The next day when we got my car, I noticed that my mirror was knocked off and my Batman hoodie was missing.  Ugh, some asshole decided to steal my favorite hoodie!

Today I went to work a few hours early because we were getting the Washington & Jefferson College football team and I did all the work setting it up, so I wanted to be there to make sure it went smoothly.  It definitely went well.  Unfortunately, later things happened and I ended up staying and pulling a 14 hour day (15 if you count driving time).

Sadly, on the way to work, I got pulled over and the cop gave me a speeding ticket.  Great, a speeding ticket, at work for 14 hours, missed college football, favorite hoodie stolen, lost money at the casino, saw the Pirates lose…ugh.

Then as I was in the shower, it occurred to me to stop being such a fucking crybaby!  I mean seriously Josh, get real.  These are your problems?  Grow the fuck up.  There are people who have no jobs, no car, no spare cash to go to a casino or a baseball game.  There are people who work 15 hours a day for shitty pay.  There are people who wonder where they will sleep tonight or if they will have anything to eat.  You are whining about losing a hoodie?  Granted, it was a gift from my brother, but let us look at some of the facts:

-You left your doors unlocked in Ebensburg.  Of course someone is going to open the door and take your hoodie.  Way to go moron.

-You got a ticket because you were speeding, suffer the consequences dickwad.

-You worked that long because you wanted to help out and you know that at some point you can leave early.  Do not act like you were forced into it.  Hell, you could have left early since you came in early.

-You lost money at the casino because like a dumbass, you decided to up your bet because you thought you were on a hot streak.  You know better than this!  When you gamble like an idiot, you deserve to lose.

Instead of crying about what you do not have, be thankful for the things you do have:  a beautiful girlfriend, who loves you even when you are an idiot;  a great family; a job that you actually enjoy; a place to live; and you know, all that other stuff.

3 thoughts on “Cry Me a River

  1. This post is made of big balls. Super tough. Especially the part where you go to the Pirates game solo. I’m afraid to go to Sheetz by myself, let alone a baseball stadium filled with dozens (ok, maybe hundreds) of people.

  2. Man, I wish I had a casino that close. Just how close is Pittsburgh to ya? I guess I technically have A.C., but that’s at least 2 hours away. (These are my problems)

  3. jason…haha, i’m pretty badass that way. or i have no friends. either/or

    Gideon…i am about 2 hours from pittsburgh. isn’t there a huge casino in CT?

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